5 Foods from Guam You Need to Try

I love Guam. It is an amazing island with beautiful beaches and significant history. But I also love the kinds of food that comes from Guam. Known as Chamorro food, this kind of food is from the natural environment in Guam and the other Mariana Islands. It uses delicacies from the island and has a lot of rice-based dishes. Some dishes are very simple and require few ingredients while others may require a bit more effort. Either way, here are 5 great Chamorro foods.


I will start with this because it is actually a sauce. This sauce is great to use on any Chamorro dishes and combines sour, spice, and saltiness to create a one of a kind sauce that can be used on just about anything. You may even choose to use this sauce with other dishes from around the world.

Bunelos Aga

These are just amazing to have for breakfast. It is a great substitute for your usual donut holes. These are banana donuts. They are bite-sized and very easy to take on the go. They make for a great breakfast or dessert, but are also a great snack that you can pack very easily.

BBQ Chicken

There are plenty of different recipes and ways to marinate and grill chicken, but nothing beats the Chamorro style using either a sweet marinade or chili sauce. Using charcoal, grilling the chicken is important, but just as important is the sauce you put on it when it’s ready to be served.


If you have had springs rolls, then you will love this food. These are basically super small spring rolls that have been fried. These are great for parties because of their size and great flavor. They are also very easy to prepare, so grab some ingredients and get ready for that fiesta.

Red Rice

This is the dish that sets the Mariana Islands apart from any other island cooking. Using achote seeds, this rice is by far one of my favorite tasting rice from anywhere in the world. I highly recommend serving this with BBQ or any meal that is suited with a side of rice, because the flavor that it brings is unbeatable.

Chamorro food is simply amazing. I love this style of cooking and I am always on the lookout for new recipes, or even ones that I may have overlooked.

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