3 Top rated attractions

Guam is idyllic, exciting and peaceful all at once. It is a place of rest and a place for adventure. You can spend days or weeks in Guam without ever leaving your resort, or you can venture out to get in touch with the local culture and customs. Of course, you can also jam-pack your vacation with sports and outdoor activities in Guam…there are certainly enough to choose from!

To get a true sense of the island, try to incorporate a variety of attractions on your vacation. Below are the three ‘can’t miss’ attractions!

  1. Visit a beach.

Tumon Beach is the most popular beach in Guam. There is a busy city scene just beyond the sand, but you’ll hardly notice as you enjoy… The rainy season is from July to November, but there will still be some sunny days for you to enjoy the beach even during those months. The sand is a pristine white, and the water is always a cool, calm turquoise.

There’s a walk-through aquarium, a favorite with the kids, and all types of water sports are available on this beach via guides and guest services. It truly has everything you could want from a vacation beach.

Peak times at this beach are extremely crowded because of the condos and hotels that reside just behind Tumon. For thinner crowds, you can take a short walk to Gun Beach to the north or Ypao Beach Park to the south.

  1. See a landmark.

Plaza de Espana is a good one. It’s located in the capital city of Hagatna. It was the location of the Governor’s Palace when Guam was occupied by the Spanish. The ancient three-arched gate, the back porch, and the Chocolate House are the only original structures left standing, but much history can be observed from just these things.

Renovations have been done over the years to repair parts of this historic landmark. Many events are held at Plaza de Espana today, some of which are open to the public.

Just next door is the Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral Basilica. This is the first Catholic Church in Guam, and it really makes Plaza de Espana worth the trip to see both of them.

  1. Experience the culture.

Chamorro Village is THE place to witness Chamorro culture as it has always been. Wednesdays are the best night to visit the Village, when locals are out in droves, dancing long into the night and feasting on local favorites like barbeque.

Any other day of the week, you’ll still get the opportunity to purchase gifts and handmade crafts from local artisans, and you can purchase street fair delicacies that are native to Guam and others that may remind you a little more of home. Fresh fruit juices and other produce are also available for purchase.

Chamorro Village is near several other sights and attractions, so plan to spend the day in the area, reveling in this culture that has changed so little over hundreds of years.

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