5 More Amazing Foods from Guam

I just can’t get over how good Chamorro food tastes. The recipes are so unique, and the flavor is just so rich. The mix of spicy and sour in many of the recipes makes for a fantastic change from my usual dishes. I think that everyone should give Chamorro food a try at least once. It is hard to find someone who did not like a few different Chamorro styled dishes. Here are five more of some of my favorite foods from Guam.

Shrimp Patties

If you are in to eating seafood, then this is the dish for you. These are made with vegetables and shrimp. The patty is held together with dough and has a very satisfying texture. They are surprisingly simple to prepare if you have all the ingredients set out and ready to go. Just don’t be shocked to make too many on your first go, since they do tend to be a bit filling.

Cucumber Salad

Now, this may seem like it isn’t really that special considering all of the other recipes that are on this list, but trust me, this food is actually incredible. Of course, what sets it apart is the sauce on it. This goes along very well with BBQ and rice. The spiciness from the pepper is sure to leave your mouth watering for more.

Coconut Candy

This is a very simple food and is so sweet and savory that you will have trouble resisting making another batch. It is a basic combination of coconut gratings and sugar melted down into balls. The servings are also very small.

Kadon Pika

This is a spicy stew that is usually made with chicken. The hot peppers give it the spice, and the chicken is marinated with peppers and coconut milk to give it a nice flavor. If you are visiting any of the Mariana Islands, then be sure to find somewhere local that serves this dish. In Guam, there are plenty of locations that serve this.

Beef Tinaktak

This is definitely one of my favorite foods that I had in Guam. It is a very simple blend of ground beef or steak with vegetables. If you want it to have some spice, then just throw in some hot peppers and you are all set.

Whenever you visit Guam, you should definitely try to find a local restaurant that serves any of these dishes. They will not disappoint.

Historical Locations to Visit in Guam

Guam is just an amazing island to visit. It is filled with so much history, as well as amazing beaches and tourist spots. The tropical environment is beautiful. When you visit Guam, you should definitely make some stops at a few historical spots on the island. Here are just a few places that I would recommend that you take a look at during your visit to Guam.

Latte Stone Park

This is a very important site to the people who live on the island. The culture and history preserved here is incredible. The stone pillars are part of the society who used to live on the islands. The stones were used as foundations for the huts that the natives used to live in.

Tailafak Bridge

This bridge is one of the few examples of Spanish architecture that still exists on the island. It was built in 1785 and crosses over a small river. It is also near the first Catholic Church on the island and two forts. It really is a neat bridge and it is near some other Spanish heritage sites that still remain on the island.


This area contains the remains of a large latte village. This is a very special archeological site in Guam and is only one of four latte sites on the northeast side of the island. What makes it so special is the fact that local healers still go to this area to gather plants for their medicine. It is also a very beautiful area as well.

Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad

This is one of the very last of the Spanish forts from the 19th century. This fort is set on a cliffside and has an amazing view of the bay and the ocean. It was restored recently, and the cannons still point out towards the ocean where the Magellan landed that made the first contact between Guam and Western civilization.

These are some of my favorite historical spots in Guam. If you are really into the history of Guam, then I highly recommend taking a tour of these sites during your visit. There are also many more sites that aren’t listed that are filled with history of the island, so don’t worry if you run out of time to visit them all.