3 Top rated attractions

Guam is idyllic, exciting and peaceful all at once. It is a place of rest and a place for adventure. You can spend days or weeks in Guam without ever leaving your resort, or you can venture out to get in touch with the local culture and customs. Of course, you can also jam-pack your vacation with sports and outdoor activities in Guam…there are certainly enough to choose from! Continue reading 3 Top rated attractions

Must see art museums in Guam

For a territory that is so small, Guam has a rich background of cultural and historical significance. In addition, the beauty of the island inspires artists of all kinds to create pieces that are unique to Guam in subject, color and technique.

You may want to do nothing on your Guam vacation besides relax in the sun or play a few rounds of golf, but you’ll be missing out on some amazing experiences if you skip these three museums and miss some of these great painters. Continue reading Must see art museums in Guam

3 Great resorts in Guam

Guam is an island territory of the United States, located in the Pacific Ocean just north of Australia and Papua New Guinea. It is a tropical paradise with a long history of exploration, war and culture. When visiting Guam, you can choose from several luxury resorts that will show you the best of everything this island has to offer! If you love ocean views, spacious rooms and the smell of freshly cleaned carpets, you will absolutely love these resorts. Continue reading 3 Great resorts in Guam